Saturday, March 31, 2007

Test Results

Okay, about the results....
I am so very surprised that no one thought that Billy Graham was my high-school graduation speaker! :-O ;) Only three people got it right that I have one ear unconnected and one ear connected. I mean, isn't that a usual thing to have? On Scott's scince project (a heredity tree), he had to put down stuff like eye color, and stuff like that, but ears being unconnected or connected was one of them, so I was an irregular! ;) I think everyone guessed that my favorite thing to do is taking pictures. No one guessed that doing algebra was my favorite thing? Gosh, I'm surprised, I thought I could trick everyone with that one! ;) I wasn't surprised that Megan (in this case, it meant Suzanne :) knew me best. I mean we've only been friends (and fiends) for ever! ;D

(Kris, just so you know, I only counted your highest score. :)
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