Saturday, March 17, 2007

Two months and five days!!

Okay so I went a little overboard taking pictures of the puppies this week! A little taking at least 13 good pictures in less then about fifteen minutes. :D I was going to only post a couple pictures here of the puppies and have the rest at my other blog, but it was so hard to choose!! However, there are a couple more pictures at my other blog, Puppies Galore! (I thought that was a very fitting name!)
` Twins, only there are three other pairs plus an extra one! :)
This puppy just waited for its picture to be taken and then just sauntered away! Wait, do puppies saunter? Definition of saunter: to walk about in an idle or leisurely manner

The proud mother. Or maybe she is just an exhausted mother.

Scott holding a puppy (his birthday is on the 22nd-- Scott's, not the puppies :).

"Should I go outside or not?"

Before dinner...

... and after dinner

I was able to take this picture when the puppy was on my leg! Pretty impressive, right? Just say "yeah, sure," even if it is sarcastic. :D
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