Thursday, March 01, 2007

What a day!!!

Well, yesterday was definitely an interesting day!!! Trisha and I went to buy groceries (I know call us crazy for going!!). Ok, buying groceries sounds simple enough, right? Well, when we got out to the parking lot, we discovered that the keys were lying on the seat!!! :( We weren't really sure what we were going to do, but then I remembered that I have AAA, so I called them and after listening to music and pressing buttons, I got a person! :) They said 20 minutes, and someone would unlock the car door, well... for about an hour we waltzed, ran around the car a couple times (you get the idea :) and finally the person came! If I wouldn't of had AAA, it would have cost $40!!! :-O So, we went back to the dorm and to top it all off I fell on the sidewalk after jumping over a snowdrift!! I laid there laughing, because at this point everything was funny!! (Does that ever happen to you?)

So, we ate supper, and then I found out that there had been a fire in my dorm!! It had been a small one in the kitchen (not by a student), because someone had been trying to make frybread. We had some later, which was really good!!! :) For the rest of the night, nothing eventful happened, just studying, ...until one o'clock in the morning! :( And then this morning I found out that the test for which I had studied into the wee hours of the morning had been cancelled!! (The teacher was stuck on account of the snow!!-- at his house) Well how is that for interesting? I have got to go to work now. Adios!!
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