Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back by popular demand!

It's been Sunday since I blogged! Time is getting away on me. My classes will be requiring a lot of work this year. My instructor (of my design AND of my drawing classes) said that a lot of the beginners will work really hard and get a C. And we are supposed to be very happy with it. Sigh. Maybe I can shock him! ;) There is so much homework though. I was in my design class on Thursday. And I was there in the studio (doing my homework) until 9:00!!!!!! I'm working on New Testament now in the Library (well, I'm taking a break right) and there is so much to do. I only have about six pages left to read. But there are so many questions from the other textbook!!! Ugh. I just found out about them. (I wasn't able to access them before on account of the lack of access to internet.) :-P Well, I suppose I should get back to New Testament. If there is anything specific you want to know about how college is going, just drop me a witty remark! ;)

No pictures, sorry (again)!
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