Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Packing, packing, packing.

We started the day by going to school and packaging tons of items for the school in South Dakota.

Note: Our wonderful, awesome, sw-awesome school, Faith Christian, had to close down due to a lack of students in the area. My mom called the supervisor for the area asking if there were any schools around who needed supplies, curiculum (sp?), etc. (We had it all! ;D) About an hour later, this school (on an Indian reservation) called asking if there were any schools who had stuff (they needed everything). They were starting an A.C.E. school, but since they it would be a Christian school, the government wouldn't help them with funds. So it was by the hand of God that those two calls were made!!!! These people had been trying for seven years, but it just wasn't God's timing. How we sometimes wish it was up to us, but we just have to wait sometimes...! So, a bunch of us (Mom, me, Trisha, Paul, Robert, Lisa and Darcy, Wendy, Rev. Blackman, grandma, and a small group of people from the future (!) school :) were loading up the trailers and packing boxes So that is why we were giving stuff to the school from SD.
(Try as I might, I just can't post without pictures!)

There was so much stuff there! And now it is so empty!!!! :'( It is terribly sad!! But I didn't cry... yet. ;D Yet, this isn't the end of Faith Christian, but rather a beginning. Kind of thrilling, really.

Then after I came home, I realized that I needed to pack. Not such a thrilling prospect. Considering that we are leaving on Thursday early in the morning. So, after going into a whirlwind of packing, I realized that it is a tad overwhelming.

I did have a wonderful break though. I got to go to Susan's and show off my pictures. :D We got a photo printer!!!! It is fantabulous. I'm so excited!!! Except now I am leaving. :( So I have to print tons off (and have). I think I already drained the color cartridge. Oops! :-/ :) After eating a yummy bun with chokecherry jam/jelly/juice... something with a j, I tried to make the font on her computer bigger. Notice that I said tried. It was a nice attempt. Shortly after that, I went to Paul's. In an attempt to help him finish off a bottle of homemade root beer. Like I've said before, it's really strong! I've never had coffee (maybe once, and I hated it), but I KNOW for a fact that this stuff is W-A-A-A-A-Y stronger!!!!
Then I came back home, packed furiously until half past ugh. I'm so glad it's all over. Until I have to unpack everything that is. Oh, the woes of a college student!
It has finally hit me. I'm really going to college in Illinois.

And the boys start school tomorrow.
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