Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy birthday, Kendra!!!!!

Kendra, you are 20 years old today! Old, old, old.... I was able to carefully send pictures you to my computer (the mouse is VERY touchy and freezes almost instantly after the program is started ): But now I have pictures of you, Kendra! Bwah ha ha ha ha!!!! Let's see, information about Kendra... Oh what can I say?

  • She is easily amused. (I think all of my friends are!)
  • She thinks a lot of things are amusing. I think her favorite phrase when she was here, was that something is amusing. :D
  • She will be done with Job Corps soon! YAY!!!
  • I started a blog for her, but the only post is the one I did. :'(
  • I miss her soooo much!!!!

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