Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Still Glorious

The tears began to form as they began
to raise the flag.
The symbol of the freedoms we enjoy.
He thought of those who think it's just a
colored piece of rag.
He thought of times when he was just a boy.
Back then no one would ever think to
burn or tarnish it.
It always stood so very strong and proud.
Back then whenever it was raised you would not
think to sit,
When it was being raised before a crowd.
He understands it's just a symbol
``````for our freedoms here,
And it protects the rights that people have.
He understands the freedoms to deface it
or to cheer,
But that some do deface it makes him sad.
He understands that right is one that
``````goes with all the rest.
Total freedom gives us all that right,
But seeing it defaced has always put him to the test,
And sometimes really made him want to fight.
But he would never want to change what made
````this country great,
And why we celebrate July the 4th.
People fought and died in wars to seal
this county's fate.
To put this country on its freedom course.
The thing he must remember as `old glory'
rises high,
It stands for freedom; always standing tall.
It is our choice to keep it sacred till the day we die,
Or you may not acknowledge it at all.
He sees the colors flying high and
waving in the wind,
And wishes everybody felt this way,
But understands the freedom that it has
afforded them,
And that's what makes this country great today.
He's proud to be American; he's proud of
his homeland.
He's proud of that old flag that's flying there.
He only wishes when it's raised he could
`````salute and stand,
But now he is confined to his wheelchair.
It was a war so long ago when he was
young and brave,
When he had made his choice to go and fight,
But freedom for our country was what
`````they all had to save,
So now today we all enjoy that right.
So as you celebrate the 4th no matter
what your plans,
Remember what it took to keep us free,
And all across the world wherever our
````` `old glory' stands,
Remember it means rights for you and me.
~ James A. Kisner ~
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